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Do you qualify for Veteran's Preference Points?  If you do, please remember to include your Veteran's Preference Form with your application for any position at Sunriver Police Department, including Seasonal Bike Patrol.


​ Please submit completed forms to the Sunriver Police Department located at 57455 Abbot Dr, Sunriver, OR. 97707 or by email at

Bike Sunriver and get paid?  What a deal!  Each summer we hire Seasonal Bike Patrol Officers to patrol the pathways of Sunriver, acting as the eyes and ears for the police department, as well as assisting homeowners and visitors with their needs.  These are non-sworn / non-carry positions.  You may apply all throughout the year, but the interview process generally begins in Spring around mid-March.  Bike patrol positions run from Mid-May until early September each year.   

Police records can be requested by filling out the Public Records Request Form and submitting it to Sunriver Police Department, PO Box 4788, Sunriver OR, 97707 or emailing it to  Not all records are subject to disclosure and requests are processed in the order that they are received.  ​There is a fee for public record requests, which will be based upon the type of record that is being requested. 

There is no roadside parking in Sunriver without a Special Event Parking Permit. Special permission for extra roadside parking is required but the permit is free.  If your request is approved, signs will be placed roadside so other residents will know you have been approved.  Overnight requests will not be honored.

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Are you interested in a career in Law Enforcement or just curious about a day in the life of a Sunriver Police Officer?  Apply to ride-along with officers as they respond to calls and more!  

Sunriver Police Department has closed its hiring process for the Entry Level and Lateral Police Officer positions. We invite you to continue to watch for more Sunriver Police Department employment opportunities in the future.




PO Box 4788

57455 Abbot Drive Sunriver OR 97707          

Business Hours:  Monday-Friday, 8:00 am~4:00 pm (Closed holidays)

Phone: 541.593.1014

Fax:  541.593.1870

Non-Emergency Dispatch: 541.693.6911

​Emergency: 911


One of the many community policing “extras” that we provide is to check on your house while you are away. For a limited duration of 60 days or less, Sunriver officers and Citizen Patrol members will provide a perimeter check of your house. If damage or suspicious activity is detected at your home we will do what we can to minimize the issue and notify you or a designee immediately. Many who have used this program in the past have valued thesense of security and peace of mind the service provides.  For safety reasons, we cannot provide house checks if you rent or have people staying at your house while you are away.  ​​

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By registering your bicycle with us, you significantly increase the probability of your bicycle being returned to you. SRPD offers free bike registration to Sunriver homeowners. It’s as easy as filling out a form and receiving a durable asset tag to place on your bike. Most bikes that go missing in Sunriver have been abandoned or misplaced, not stolen. Therefore, the asset tag is not removed and can be traced back to the owner. Registering your bike provides us with a detailed description of the bike and provides us with your contact information. 

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