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Business Phone (Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm, except holidays): 541-593-1014

Non-Emergency Dispatch: 541-693-6911

​Emergency: 911




Vision Statement

    The Sunriver Police Department strives for excellence in the services we provide.  We are professional,                       innovative, approachable and accountable to those we serve.  Our organization is built upon trust, respect and       accountability.  We lead the law enforcement profession by going above and beyond in our service delivery.

Service ~ Professionalism ~ Integrity

    ​Service - We are committed to providing superior services.  Customer service is of upmost importance to us                                 and those we serve and partner with.

    Professionalism -We are committed to the highest level of competence and professional conduct.

    Integrity-We will protect the public trust by ensuring that our actions are consistent with our vision,                                                     mission, and values.  We abide by honesty and the highest ethical standards.

The origins of the Sunriver Police Department date back to 1969. Known at that time as the Sunriver Department of Public Safety, the first Patrol Officer was hired. At that time, the officer worked for the developer and was commissioned as a Deputy Sheriff. In a recent interview, that particular Officer recalled that the developer provided him with a vehicle and the Sheriff provided him with the decals, radio and lights. That Officer was the sole Sunriver Police Officer for several years until he was hired full time by the Deschutes County Sheriff.  The Sunriver Department of Public Safety continued to work under the developers until the Sunriver Owners Association took over in 1987. At that time, the Sunriver Department of Public Safety along with the Sunriver Fire and Road Departments, were transferred to the Owners Association. During this time period, the Sunriver Police Officers continued to be commissioned through the Deschutes County Sheriff's Office.

The year 2002 was another milestone year in the history of the Sunriver Police Department. In 2002, the community of Sunriver voted to pass a Special County Service District to provide Public Safety services to the Community of Sunriver. 

On April 8, 2003 the Sunriver Police Department received accreditation from the Oregon Accreditation Alliance.


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