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Online Resources

Sunriver Police Department recognizes that we are in an important and crucial time, where internet safety is important to our community. More people are accessing the internet, browsing social media, and making purchases online than ever before. It’s estimated 310 million people are using the internet in our country alone. Sunriver Police Department feels it is important to take a minute to review your internet safety, so that you don’t fall victim of identity theft or online scams. We are providing “Smart Cards”, which are tools we are making available to you that contain information you can use to protect yourself or your children online.

It should be noted that some information or topics might not apply to you, but could be valuable to family members, or someone you know. We ask that you share these to help protect yourself and loved ones. Each week, we will provide a new smart card about a new topic. All links are downloadable PDF files, and can be shared easily. Please review our other resources below the smart cards for more information.

Internet Safety