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As beautiful as the community of Sunriver is, we have to remain alert and prepared for a natural disaster at any time. Wild Fire, Train derailment, flooding all have the possibility to effect the community at anytime. You may be asked to evacuate or shelter in place depending on the type of threat to our community. 

"Evacuate" -  You will be asked to leave your residence.

"Shelter In Place" - You may remain at your house, closing all doors and windows.

Please follow these tips for preparing for an emergency evacuation in our community.

In the event of an Evacuation we will begin by notifying, if time permits, the nearest and closest effected areas. Depending on the emergency, you may be asked to evacuate immediately.

Prepare an Evacuation Checklist and Organize:

  • Critical medication, hearing aids, glasses, etc.
  • Important personal papers, family photos, family heirlooms, computer discs, etc.
  • Essentials, valuables, check books, credit cards, cash, etc.
  • Pet food, leashes, medicines, etc.
  • Change of clothing and toiletries (for several days)
  • Cell phones, chargers, battery-powered radio, flashlights, cameras, extra batteries, and first aid kit.
  • Critical papers, deeds, wills, birth certificates, tax papers, insurance papers (health/house/medical) and other personal effects in a fire proof safe.
  • Reading materials, and other recreational items.

If Evacuation is a possibility:

  • You will be advised of potential evacuations as early as possible. For updates, watch Chambers Cable Channel 4, listen to your radio and listen for announcements over the Sunriver Siren/PA system.
  • Locate your Evacuation Checklist, assemble the items and place them in your vehicle.
  • Park your vehicle facing outward and carry car keys with you.
  • Locate your pets and keep them nearby.
  • Place a ladder outside for roof access.
  • Place connected garden hoses around the house.
  • Move propane BBQ units away from structures.

Evacuation Orders:

  • If a fire (or other) Emergency occurs, the Sunriver Police will notify you via Siren/PA system, Chambers channel 4, Local Radio stations and reverse 911.
  • All evacuation instructions provided by officials should be followed immediately for your safety.
  • DO NOT CALL 911 FOR GENERAL INFORMATION. Reserve 911 for emergencies requiring immediate Fire, Medical or Law Enforcement support.
  • The Sunriver Police Department will use High/Low sirens, public address systems and flashing lights.

The Evacuation Process:

  • Leave lights on in the house - door unlocked; turn on outdoor lighting.
  • Leave windows closed and air conditioning off.
  • Put a note on the door with your contact phone number in case emergency responders need to reach you.
  • You may be directed to temporary assemble areas or directed out of the area to a safe location.
  • Officials will determine the areas to be evacuated and the routes to use depending on the emergency's location, terrain, and wind.

Returning Home

  • Fire officials will determine when it is safe for you to return to your home. This will be done as soon as possible, considering safety and accessibility.
  • Be alert to exposed utilities.
  • Check propane tanks, regulators, and lines before turning gas on.
  • Check your residence carefully for hidden embers or smoldering fires.

As a reminder, natural disaster can strike any time within Sunriver. We ask that you use caution, and remember that smoking is not allowed on our pathways. Stay connected with us with Constant Contact, or on Facebook or Twitter.

Emergency Preparedness