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directions and designated  evacuation routes



What to do when the sirens go off and how to prepare yourself for an emergency

The best time to prepare for an emergency is before the emergency happens.  It doesn't matter if you are a full time resident of Sunriver or a visitor, it's easy to think "It will never happen to me."  Here is some basic information to help you get started.  For more in depth planning, please visit

  1. Sign Up for Emergency Notification Services - Your safety is very important to us.  Before you do anything else (even finish reading this article), sign up for Emergency Alerts with Deschutes County 911.  Click on this link  Did you read what you are signing up for?  It is very important for you to know why and under what circumstances you are receiving an alert. You are under no obligation to sign up.
  2. Sign Up for Text Message Alerts Specific to Sunriver - Text SRALERTS to 888777 and receive information specific to Sunriver.
  3. Know What To Do if You Hear the Sirens - Educate yourself ahead of time what to do if you hear the sirens and when the sirens will be activated.
  4. Family Meeting Point - Designate a family meeting point in case you get separated and communications are down.  
  5. GO Bag - Have a GO Bag ready for each family member (including pets).
  6. Keep Vehicles Fueled - Keep at least 1/2 tank of gas in your vehicle.
  7. Evacuation Routes - Practice your evacuation routes.  Know what your options are.

​​​​​​Emergency Preparedness

The 5 "P"'s of Evacuation

1.  People

2.  Pets

​3.  Pills

​4.  Priceless Items

​5.  Papers (Important)

Other potential sources of information include:

  • Text or phone alerts via Deschutes County 911 and/or the Sunriver Police Department
  • Social media posts by Deschutes County Sheriff's Office, Sunriver Police and/or Sunriver Fire.
  • Local media, TV and radio
  • Email Notifications
  • Sunriver Owners Association website
  • Sunriver Navigator mobile app
  • Channel 3(Bend Broadband customers only)
  •  (This website is linked to the Red Emergency Button above.)

PO Box 4788

57455 Abbot Drive Sunriver OR 97707          

Business Phone (Monday-Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm, except holidays): 541-593-1014

Non-Emergency Dispatch: 541-693-6911

​Emergency: 911

What is a GO Bag? A GO bag is an emergency preparedness bag that you pack in advance and hope you never need!  Some common items in a GO bag are:


check website for details about the emergency actions and more

Did you hear the siren?





activities and pay attention

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Stay Connected 




The red button above will direct you to the website that will be a source of information in the event of an evacuation or threat in the Sunriver Community.

Have an Emergency? Call 911

Text 911, 

if you can't call.

  • Basic Electronics
  • First Aid Kit
  • Personal Needs
  • Clothing
  • Medications
  • Important Papers
  • Food and Drink
  • Cash, Debit and Credit Cards
  1. ​​Winter Storm
  2. Wildfire
  3. Earthquake (Cascadia)
  4. Windstorm
  5. Volcano
  6. Drought
  7. Flood
  8. Earthquake (Crustal)
  9. Landslide

This Information was obtained from the 2015 Deschutes County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan.